About More Than Layers

More Than Layers (MTL) is an innovative design studio that specializes in computational design and design for large-scale 3D printing also known as Large Scale Additive Manufacturing (LSAM). We aim making the process more accessible, user-friendly, and scalable.

At MTL, we open up the world of large-scale 3D printing with our expert use of advanced software and artificial intelligence. This enables professionals from different sectors to efficiently craft and execute big-scale 3D printing projects, simplifying the entire design process.


Push the Limits of Design
with Our Expert Team

What we offer

MTL offers dual services: we serve as a consulting bureau for big-scale 3D printing projects, using precise robotic technology for production, and help in designing interior spaces for companies. Additionally, we run a business-to-business (B2B) concept store (online/offline) where we sell 3D printed items and solutions, designed specifically to meet the demands of various industries wanting to integrate large-scale 3D printing into their business operations.

Pioneering Industry Chang

MTL is leading the way in transforming the additive manufacturing industry. We ensure that our clients’ projects are not only innovative but also practical for large-scale output. We invite all professionals interested in utilizing large-scale additive manufacturing for their projects to take advantage of our services and expertise.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Adhering to circular economy principles, MTL ensures all materials used can be recycled and repurposed, emphasizing sustainability in every project to help maintain an environmentally friendly approach.

Origin Story

Founded in 2022, MTL started with a clear vision to make modern production technologies and design tools more accessible, thereby enhancing the creative freedom of designers. This shift focuses away from traditional machinery and materials to a more design-centric approach in 3D printing. Starting with partnerships like 3D Makers Zone, which operates several robotic arms, MTL facilitates the production of large-scale 3D printed objects.

Our pieces are statements of commitment to sustainability and creativity in furniture design

Target Market and Clients

The primary clientele of More Than Layers includes interior designers seeking to incorporate additive manufactured objects into their spaces, businesses redesigning interiors or outdoor areas, and unique markets such as festivals. The company caters to various needs, offering large-scale 3D printed items like lamps, chairs, and tables through its webshop, aiming to personalize and revolutionize physical spaces.

Case Studies and Success Stories

More Than Layers boasts impressive case studies, including a fully 3D-printed modular sofa for a night club and a five-meter-long table crafted from circular materials for an office setting. The webshop showcases an array of products from chairs to tables and lamps, demonstrating the practical and aesthetic applications of large-scale 3D printing.

Retail Reinvented: Our durable, attractive, and green furniture elevates your store environment.

From Sketch to Structure: Let’s Build It Together