Collaborate with More Than Layers to easily transform your interior concepts into customized, tangible realities.

Our innovative solutions cater to a variety of settings, whether you’re seeking a makeover for your office, public space, or outdoor terrace. Our environmentally-minded, creatively designed pieces are built to last, making them ideal for any professional environment.

Pink Planter

Haarlem (The Netherlands)

Lighting for G-STAR

G-STAR Store, Antwerp (Belgium)

Communal Table

SADC -Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

Design Lounger for Club3

Patronaat, Haarlem (The Netherlands)

Endless possibilites

From offices to hospitality, our eco-friendly furniture enhances spaces with style and function. Our designs appeal to green living and working environments. In public and community spaces, our durable pieces meet diverse needs while adhering to environmental regulations. For government, education, and healthcare, our solutions enhance spaces with sustainability and practicality in mind.

We invite you to explore the potential of partnering with us to elevate your next project, whether it’s an office redesign, a new hospitality venture, or a public space enhancement​​​​​​.