Pink Planter

3D Printed XL Planters

XL 3D-printed planters, specially designed in collaboration with a renowned landscape architect. This unique plant pot is not only a marvel of modern technology but also a perfect addition to any garden or outdoor space.

The concept for this innovative plant pot emerged during a creative consultation with a prominent landscape architect. By utilizing advanced 3D printing technology, we achieved a design and look and feel that the customer couldn’t find anywhere else. 

Our 3D-printed plant pot is made from recycled materials that are not only durable but also provide an aesthetically pleasing finish. The intricate pattern and smooth curves of the pot are precisely printed, resulting in a sleek and modern design that perfectly complements any outdoor space. The custom purple-pink color gradient was applied specifically for the customer. 


The pot is now also available in various sizes and colors, ensuring everyone can find an option that suits your specific needs and taste. Thanks to the use of high-quality, weather-resistant materials, the pot is ideal for outdoor use and can withstand the most extreme weather conditions.

Why a 3D Printed Planter?

  1. Sustainability: By using recycled and recyclable materials, we contribute to a sustainable future.
  2. Customization: 3D printing allows us to offer bespoke solutions that perfectly match our clients’ preferences.
  3. Innovative Design: Complex and detailed designs that were previously unattainable are now possible with 3D printing technology.


These 3D-printed planters are perfect for various applications:

  • Gardens: Add a modern and stylish element to your garden design.
  • Patios and Balconies: Create a green oasis on your patio or balcony.
  • Public Spaces: Ideal for city parks and communal outdoor areas where sustainability and design go hand in hand.


3D Printed planter

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