Sensa Floor Lamp

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Illuminate your space effectively and elegantly with our Sensa Floor Lamp. Each lamp in the Sensa Serie, whether it’s a table, floor, or ceiling model, is crafted from durable, translucent PET or PLA, capturing and refracting light with its soft sine waves and sculptural lines. The attention to detail in the changing amplitude of waves offers a dynamic lighting effect that enhances any room. For a unique viewing experience, take a moment to look from above into the lampshade and see the stunning interplay of light and structure.

The Sensa Lamp series is designed not just for aesthetic appeal but also for environmental consciousness. Made from biodegradable PLA derived from renewable resources, it represents a commitment to sustainable design practices. This lamp is perfect for anyone looking to combine practical lighting solutions with a touch of modern style and sustainability.
LxBxH: 23x23x103cm / 18x18x103cm

Color: Warm White / Cold White or rgb

Lumen: 860lm

Cable lengt: 3m

Innovation meets craftsmanship. From concept to creation. Eco-conscious material selection that ensures a seamless blend of form and function.

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