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Every piece we create has a history and a boundless future. Discover true circularity with our furniture, designed to last and to be reborn, time and time again.

“Almost everything here is 3D printed
with recycled plastics. Layer by layer.
by industrial robots.”

3D printed furniture & design projects from our computational design studio.
Everything made with durability, eco-friendliness and circularity in mind.


Naia Coffee Table

A sculptural centrepiece that redefines elegance with its coral inspired design. 

3D printed by industrial robots with plastics from recycled fishing nets. 

Booble Chair – Woven

Booble Chair Woven – the woven edition from our elegant and friendly little Booble Chair. The 3D-printed computational woven tool path makes this edition of the Booble Chair really stand out.

Our story is woven into the very fabric of circularity, where 3D printing meets a commitment to sustainability. Each product, a testament to craftsmanship, is meticulously crafted from recycled plastics, transcending mere layers to redefine the essence of eco-conscious living. Join us in a journey where design meets responsibility, and where every piece tells a story.


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